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How to Stop an Illegal Lien

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We live in a society where everyone seems to be happy to place blame. They also seem happy to place a lien on your property without thinking twice. There are numerous lawsuits in which a lien has been illegally placed on someone’s property. If this has happened to you, then you need to know what to do and you need to act fast. Keep reading to learn more on how to stop an illegal lien.

What Is a Lien?

A lien gives someone else the right to access your property. This happens when debts are not paid for some time.  This does not always mean your home. It can be granted access to your car, boat, land, or house. 

What If It Is an Invalid Lien?

If you know that someone else has a lien on your property or business, you need to act fast. The first thing you should do is get a lawyer who has experience in this area and who is ready and willing to fight for you.

You should dispute the lien. Your lawyer will help you with this, which is why you need to find the right attorney. This is not a time to try and handle things on your own. You need a lawyer who will stand beside you and fight for your rights

Is It an Illegal Lien?

No one says that all liens are legal. A lien is a claim someone else, usually, a creditor, has made against you. It does not mean the claim is accurate, truthful, or legal. 

The first step in this case, after you hire a lawyer, is to send a demand letter. This is your professional way of telling off the claimant and explain why the lien is illegal. 

Next, you will file a lawsuit to have the lien removed. This is another reason you need a lawyer. Doing all this by yourself may be possible but it is not advisable. 

After filing the lawsuit to have the lien removed, you will serve the lien holder. This gives them notice that you have filed a lawsuit. 

Following all these steps there will be a hearing and court date. You do not want to represent yourself. Chances are good that the opposing side will have their lawyers ready to come after you.

Hope in a Difficult Time 

Finding out you have a lien on your property is a tough thing to accept. It can be an emotional time for sure, but there is hope. 

If you find yourself at the bad end of a property lien, make sure you know why there is a lien, to begin with. It could be that you are not behind on any payments, so it makes no sense to you why there would be a lien on your property. 

Talk to an experienced lawyer. Make sure you have the right attorney who is experienced in property liens and who knows how to fight for your interests. 

Having a lien against you, no matter what type of lien it is can be a scary process. Let us show you how to make it easier. Contact us today.

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