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A Closer Look: The E2 Investor Visa

An E2 investor visa is just one of the many ways to legally live and work in the United States. An an E2 treaty visa requires individuals to either invest in an existing U.S. business or create a start-up. 

If you are coming to America to create  a business, you will first need to apply for a B1 Visa. The application for this visa includes a letter of explanation, various documents, and an interview with the consulate in your home country.

The application process for the actual E-2 Investor visa is long and complex. Applicants must be citizens of a country that has a treaty of commerce with the U.S. and have a clear immigration business plan. It is important to explain how the evidence you submitted to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in your application proves your eligibility.

The clearer your eligibility, the faster the USCIS can review and process your application. Thus, a qualified immigration attorney is crucial.

Family of E2 Treaty Investors and Employees

An E-2 treaty investor’s family may qualify for a separate visa.  The spouses of E-2 treaty investors may apply to jobs and start working as soon as the E-2 application is submitted.  Additionally, if a  child is unmarried and under 21 years old,  they may be included on a permanent resident application.

After getting an E2 Investor Visa, the real work begins. Treaty investors are granted an inital stay of two years and can request extentions. There are no limits on how many times you can renew this visa.  Creating a profitable business in the United States requires significant investment, commitment and of course, a good business lawyer.


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