Francis Boyer, Esq. principal attorney at Boyer Law Firm, P.L. is Board Certified as an Expert and Specialist in International Law by the Florida Bar and is therefore perfectly able to develop, review and negotiate all your legal needs internationally.

International law attorneys can help you with every aspect of highly diverse international law matters including foreign investment in Florida, U.S. Visas for foreign investors, real estate purchases, business formation and organization, and many other international matters such as:

  • Cross-border joint ventures and partnerships
  • Cross-border mergers and acquisitions
  • Distributor, licensing and franchising arrangements
  • Estate planning and probate for non-residents
  • Florida government relations and administrative law
  • International arbitration, mediation and litigation

If your business is in Florida, if you want to do business in Florida, you need an Florida international attorney who is specialized to know the complicated legal terminology, and distinguish between the different laws between the U.S. and the Florida laws and the laws of the foreign country where you resided.