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Business Transactions

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Carmen C.
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Boyer Law Firm is hands down the best place to go for commercial law. Even with a personal matter that could potentially impact my business, their legal team worked swiftly to protect my company. Highly recommend!

Complex business transactions can make or break a business. Boyer Law Firm’s business transaction lawyers have the skills and experience to negotiate aggressively and get the most beneficial results for our clients in various business transactions. Our team works alongside business owners to provide the expert legal support needed for every business life cycle phase.

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Transactions When Forming Your Business

When first forming your business, many different activities are required to get up and running, including but not limited to Lease agreements, insurance contracts, partnership agreements, vendor contracts, and a host of others. All of which should be reviewed by a skilled business law attorney looking out for your company’s best interest.

Activities our business formation attorneys help business owners accomplish include:

Having a trusted business transaction lawyer on your team from the get-go ensures that you have the best course of action mapped out for starting and operating your business.

Transactions During the Normal Course of Business

In your business’s everyday management, you face a variety of decisions that can benefit significantly from the review of a practiced business lawyer. More importantly, our Florida business transaction attorneys can even help uncover liability weaknesses and loopholes you may have never detected.

Our Florida business lawyers dig into the fine print of the agreement and advocate to protect your best interests in a variety of matters, including:

An experienced business transaction attorney should carefully scrutinize the agreements and contracts governing activities like these before signing to ensure your interests are properly served. Our commercial law experience provides a good foundation for advising on complex business transactions. So, we can provide you with the peace of mind in making the right decisions with each business step you take.

International Business Transactions

As leaders in international law, the Boyer Law Firm is uniquely qualified to give international business dealings sound legal advice. For new and established entities, we have the skills needed to help you move ahead prudently with activities like:

As one of only a handful of Board Certified Specialists in International Law, our managing attorney, Francis M. Boyer,has built an incredible reputation for expertise in assisting foreign and domestic businesses to compete on a global level.

Business Disputes and Commercial Litigation

We understand our clients want to run businesses the right way. With that in mind, our firm takes pride in providing businesses with assistance every step of the way, with an eye in dispute prevention.  Sometimes unavoidable, if a business dispute arises, our commercial litigation team is available to resolve the dispute.  Read more about our business litigation services, including Breach of Contract Litigation, Fraud Litigation, and Commercial Litigation.

Trusted Legal Representation for Business Transactions

Having experienced legal counsel you can count on that understands your business is important. So, our experienced business transaction attorneys remain by your side helping you avoid unexpected legal issues. We sit down with clients to learn your business needs & goals so we can help you along the way. We understand complex business needs across various industries, so we can provide proper and creative advice for all your business transactions.

Assistance with Business Transactions at Every Stage of Business Operations

At whatever stage of operation, we can provide the legal services you need. For example, at the business planning stage, our attorneys can consult with you and help you decide on the business structure that best fits your needs. Additionally, with the business formation stage, we can help form business entities, draft and negotiate a variety of contracts, help secure corporate financing, and create agreements for employees and independent contractors alike. Also, at the business administration stage, we can provide as-needed virtual specialized or general counsel services to handle a variety of in-house services on demand.

Within our corporate and commercial practice, we also offer several different types of business transactional services, including business entity formation, outside general counsel services, contracts, employment agreements, business planning, and franchising and franchise agreements. Due to this wide variety of practice areas, our firm has the ability to handle business transactions for all our clients’ business needs.

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